About Us

Our concept is based on providing personalized attention, connecting with the body and soul energetically, by means of a technique that seeks the balance and harmonization of sexual energy on a path to a higher state of consciousness and being. Our techniques flow via a gentle and intense massage style, which is both subtle and empathetic.

It is an experience which stimulates the body, by increasing and enriching desire, enjoyment and pleasure.

I offer you a space-time in Barcelona, an intimate, warm atmosphere with aromas and music where you will simply disconnect your body and mind, thus giving you back all your vitality.


Four Hands Massage:

Four hands massage is the key to the world of fine feeling and lightness. It is reminiscent of dancing hands on your body. That is four hands massage that will help you to plunge into the world of harmony and deep relaxation.Two massage therapists giving you the best massage ever. They will give relief on your muscles by applying firm pressure on the strokes given different parts of your body, but always in synchronization for the hihgest degree of satisfaction. After this, touch turns to sensual stroking and in tantra style, will bring you levels of pure pleasure that you should expirience to believe it!

Relieving Massage:

This massage is performed on a stretcher. It involves a deep muscular technique in each part of the body, relieving contractures and pains or for prevention of injuries. Stretching is carried out and at the end you will discharge all the energy through a lingam finish.

Sensitive Massage:

This massage is on a stretcher, performing gentle movements with sensual and sensory caresses of arms and hands, maintaining a level of continuous excitement with your whole body, ending with a lingam.

Sensory Massage:

Massage on a tatami (mat) with oils and hot aromas, body to body, very sensitive and stimulating. Connects with all your erotic energy, relaxing your mind and body and ending with a very exciting lingam.

Deluxe Massage:

This massage is on a tatami (mat), performed with oils and hot aromas, through the use of our body and feet on yours with very sensual and erotic movements, interacting with me. You will reach total ecstasy by enjoying the maximum expression of pleasure (ending with lingam and also prostate if you want).